Three secure fasteners make bathroom visits easy.

Three secure fasteners make bathroom visits easy.

Removable hooks won't pop off unintentionally.

Removable hooks won't pop off unintentionally.

Front hook may be flipped 180 deg (example shown in black).

Adjustable, TSA-friendly hooks included.

Adjustable, TSA-friendly hooks included.

Adjust back hook across 3 sizes (example shown in black).

"The belt’s just for looks, this is how ol’ Santa really keeps his trousers up." –Santa

"The belt’s just for looks, this is how ol’ Santa really keeps his trousers up." –Santa

Upfitter® Belt Loop Suspenders - Red/Black

$24.95 Regular price $39.95
  • Includes three TSA-friendly, adjustable, nylon hooks –
  • For tucked AND untucked guys –
  • Wear over or under a shirt –
  • Secures to belt loops in front and back –
  • Order your size, adjust for a perfect fit –
  • Quick and easy in the restroom –
  • Fitted suspenders means no wedgies –
  • Machine washable and TSA-friendly –
  • 100% Iron-Clad Guarantee
  • Even Santa's a fan (with gold hooks, naturally) –
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Upfitter® 3-point belt-loop suspenders are made to fit in your size and can be tightened like a belt by adjusting the hook on the rear strap. Every pair of Upfitter® Suspenders has three sizes on the strap. If you order a Large, for instance, the strap is adjusted to size Large when they arrive, but it may be tightened down to Medium or Small as well. They can’t be adjusted to be bigger—so if you’re between sizes, order the larger of the two.

To determine your Upfitter® size, simply measure over your shoulder from the top of your center rear belt loop to your front button. Watch our size guide and video to measure yourself for the perfect fit.

Upfitter® 3-point belt loop suspenders come in your size and hold your pants up without any extra bulky hardware. Made to be worn over or under your shirt, they attach to your belt loops with the HIKERS® Co. patented rear hook so you know they won't pop off unintentionally.

The comfortable way to replace a belt, wear them under an untucked-in t-shirt or like traditional suspenders over your shirt.

Upfitter® Belt Loop Suspenders are fast on and off. Heading to the restroom could not be easier. No need to disrobe. Simply unhook the back and go about your business.

Made from polyester, latex silk, rubber, and nylon. The shoulder straps are elastic and the rear and buttonhole straps are made with a super-thin, ultra-tough, military-grade rubber known as Hypalon.

Upfitter™ Suspenders are built to be laundered. Simply remove the rear and front hooks, machine wash, and lay flat to dry.

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Made in your size like a belt

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Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Buffalo Chip
Hold up my saggie Jeans!

Work great

Ed Bowe
Just an old guy from Arkansas

Once I tried using them in numerous ways, I think I found a way to use them.

Red Suspenders & other colors

I am wearing my red Upfitters today on the outside of my tucked-in shirt & I have been getting compliments all day. I also have navy & black Upfitters that I wear under untucked shirts as well as outside as accessories for color accents. Upfitters are very comfortable, practical & fashionable.

Jon Reiter
Upfitter Belt Loop Suspenders

I kept looking at the ads on Facebook and finally tried a pair. Still kicking my butt for not trying them earlier. No more torn waistbands on my jeans or holes in my tee shirts from the clips on regular suspenders. Great product!

Comfortable suspenders!

I like my uplifted and now have three pairs! They have come off a time or two!
As a recommendation I would like to see a “stay clip” added so they would stay on the belt loop better. I hope they can get me through the airport as we’re leaving for Arizona next week! All in all your suspenders are an improvement for me! Thanks a lot!

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