HIKERS® Standard Hook - 3 Color Pack


Our HIKERS® Hook Pack includes all three standard hook colors: Black, Red, and Blue. Use these vibrant hooks to color-code your HIKERS® or just add a little flair to your day.

All hooks are compatible with HIKERS® button fly suspenders, sold separately.

The HIKERS® Hook

This ingenious design locks around your belt loop with a simple tilt on and off, and the hook's fine-tuned size post secures the rear strap in your selected size position. Keep in mind, HIKERS® are designed to be under slight tension at all times, keeping your rear strap secure until you reach back and ease the tension off the hook.

Want one in Metal?

Our Standard Hooks in Metal are available now. Keep an eye out for our new Large Hooks, that will accommodate up to 1-inch wide belt loops, in the near future.

* These interchangeable hooks are compatible with the adjustable HIKERS® strap. *


Measure to the buttonHIKERS® button fly suspenders hold your pants in place by putting slight tension on your shoulders. It takes much less force to pull pants up than it does to cinch them on. Wedgies are not an issue with the HIKERS® tried and true design. Experience the HIKERS® relaxed sensation akin to wearing overalls.

Adjust for Comfort

HIKERS® are adjustable much like a belt. That is, you start by purchasing the correct length, and adjust within a limited range to accommodate your daily needs, which might be affected by dinner last night or by how much you load up your pockets. For these reasons, HIKERS® are best fitted so that the largest adjustment is your starting size. There are two notches to size down from there. If you measure between sizes, order the larger size.

How to Measure

For the perfect HIKERS® fit, simply measure over your shoulder from your center rear belt loop to your button fly. See Figure 1. If you need an extra hand getting this done (a common request during COVID times), consider purchasing our Size Tool Kit. It’s $10 well spent because it comes with a $10 discount code towards your first purchase. So, it’s essentially free in the end.

HIKERS® Suspenders Size Your Length in Inches / cm
XS 41" / 105 cm
S 43" / 110 cm
M 45" / 115 cm
L 47" / 120 cm
XL 49" / 125 cm
2X 51" / 130 cm
3X 53" / 135 cm
4X 55" / 140 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews

Great service from Hikers on sending me the three pack of colored hooks. They look pretty durable!

They work but I am a moron.....

When I received these I did not pay any attention to the instructions. I used the hard plastic end on the fastener of the my pants. I was hard, but I got it attached. Then I couldn't fasten my pants because it was too thick. I got pissed and then requested a refund.

A couple of days later, my wife looked at them and said, holding up the other end, "I think this end is supposed to attach to the fastener on your pants". Well, as wives always are, was right.

Now that I know how to use the Hikers, I will use them and give them 4 stars. I am just a little concerned about the durability of the end which attach to the fastener of the pants.


Love the Hikers for all of my golf shorts. Comfortable and works great!

The New hooks are better!

you included a 3 pack of the new style hook. it's way better. the reason I had to replace my original hook was it kept unhook when I sat down and came loose from the strap and I lost it. Thank you!

I was looking to replace the broken hook on my Hikers.

I ordered the 3 pack. They are of a different design, a bit thicker, and are working fine. Thanks to Hikers I don't have to pull up my pants 10 times a day. Most people don't know I've got them on.