The New HIKERS® Hook is here

Introducing the Trick Hook

After months of development, we're excited to announce our improved HIKERS® Hook. This ingenious design locks around your belt loop to ensure it won't slip off, and the hook's fine-tuned size post keeps the rear strap securely in your chosen size notch.

HIKERS® Hooks come in 3 new colors: black, red, and blue.

Sliding it On & Off - Here's the Trick

Put you HIKERS® over your shoulders and fasten the front onto your fly button. Then reach around to hook up the back as follows:

  • As you line up the hook to slide it on, tip the top of the hook out and down, toward the ground. This will create a little tension on your shoulder straps.
  • Slide the hook onto your belt loop.
  • Let your shoulder straps' tension pull the hook upright. Now the hook is locked on.

To remove it, repeat the process: tip the hook out and down, and slide it off your belt loop.

How to Rethread your HIKERS® Hook

HIKERS button fly suspenders hook is easy to rethread - Step 1

1.With the HIKERS® logo facing you, thread the strap into the first slot from the top, under the first bar, and back up through the second slot.

HIKERS button fly suspenders hook is easy to rethread - Step 2

2.Pull it through and thread it back down into the final slot, seating the strap's size hole onto the center post. Give the strap a good tug.

HIKERS button fly suspenders hook is easy to rethread - Step 3

3.If you're using a second or third size hole, you can then thread the remainder of the strap up the back of the hook, under the top bar.

Did you order HIKERS between July & Sept. 2020?

If you ordered a pair of HIKERS over the summer, you may have received a pair with a faulty hook. We'd be happy to send you a new one, on the house.

Since launching our new adjustable version, several customers reported issues with our plastic hooks. So, we went back to the drawing board, and our new plastic "Trick Hooks" are finally here. If you need a replacement hook, just drop us a quick line, and we'll send one out to you, free of charge, immediately.

Need a Replacement Hook?