HIKERS® Wide Hook - Pewter Metal


The HIKERS® Wide Hook features a 1"-wide hook arm that fits the wider belt loops you might find on Wranglers, Dickies, and Kühl pants and shorts. This indestructible hook is made from zinc alloy and will keep your pants on, no matter what.

It's thin, elegant, and will last a lifetime.

All hooks are compatible with HIKERS® button fly suspenders, sold separately.

The HIKERS® Trick Hook

This ingenious design locks around your belt loop with a simple tilt on and off, and the hook's fine-tuned size post secures the rear strap in your selected size position. Keep in mind, HIKERS® are designed to be under slight tension at all times, keeping your rear strap secure until you reach back and ease the tension off the hook.

Want Standard Hook Replacements?

Check out our entire line of HIKERS Hooks, available in TSA-friendly plastic and aircraft-grade aluminum.

* All interchangeable hooks are compatible with the adjustable HIKERS® strap. *

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
R Vincent

I’m glad you came out with the wider hook. I wear my hikers with all my pants except sweats. I have some pants with wider loops, this solved that problem. Thanks for the update grade.

David Andros

The Wide Hook is so much easier on jeans than the smaller version. Highly recommended for easier on and off hookup.

Dale A. Biesecker
Real Improvement

This is a great enhancement, especially for pants with wide belt loops. Slips on and off way better than the standard plastic one