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HIKERS® Co. Unveils Innovative Button Fly Suspenders, A Unique Belt Alternative for the Untucked Man

September 25, 2023·2 min read

HIKERS® Co., a pioneer in modern suspender technology, is unveiling its innovative Button Fly Suspenders, a unique alternative to traditional belts.

The Original HIKERS® Button Fly Suspenders are meticulously crafted to attach to the button fly and rear belt loop of pants, ensuring a secure fit without the bulkiness of conventional suspenders. With a minimalist design and a focus on comfort, these suspenders are set to redefine how men keep their pants in place.

One of the standout features of HIKERS® Button Fly Suspenders is the ultra-thin, reinforced rubber buttonhole, which ensures a snug fit without compromising on comfort. Additionally, the adjustable rear strap guarantees that the suspenders stay in place without coming undone, providing a hassle-free experience for the wearer.

Moreover, HIKERS® Co. has expanded its product line with the introduction of Upfitter® Suspenders, a new 3-point, belt-loop suspender variant. These suspenders are designed to be worn either over or under the shirt and are crafted to fit perfectly without any bulky hardware, further showcasing the brand's commitment to innovative, user-friendly designs.

HIKERS® Co, Upfitter® Suspenders, a 3-point, belt-loop suspender

The products had to be fully reimagined to work as undergarments, this required all new hardware and strap materials. While conventional suspender companies rely on the decades-old parts bin, HIKERS® Co. spent years developing these unique patented designs.

With a plethora of positive reviews from satisfied customers, HIKERS® Co. has successfully addressed common issues faced by many when it comes to keeping pants securely in place. The ease of use, especially in the restroom, and the absence of discomfort commonly associated with traditional suspenders, have been highlighted by customers as major advantages.

The launch of HIKERS® Button Fly Suspenders and the introduction of Upfitter® Suspenders mark a significant milestone in HIKERS® Co.'s journey to provide modern, practical solutions for everyday wear. The brand invites folks who like to go untucked to experience the comfort and convenience of their products, which are now available for purchase on their official website and

Matt Morgan, CEO and Founder of HIKERS® Co. states “so many men appreciate the comfort and style of our product. What started with a prototype using a dog leash, led to $200,000 of sales in its first month with a single Facebook ad, and is now being rolled out to the nation’s largest retailers”.

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