About HIKERS® Co.

HIKERS® button fly suspenders revealed under an untucked t-shirt

Keep your pants on.

HIKERS® Co believes that everyone deserves to be comfortable. Our mission is to help you keep your pants up without cinching your belt all day.

How We Got Started

Our beer-loving team tinkered with prototypes for weeks using duct tape and staplers before landing on the original HIKERS® button fly suspenders design. Don’t let your kids skip arts and crafts. Those skills are handy.

But wait. We’re getting ahead of ourselves. The whole thing started with the following realization...

Belts don’t work and they can even be bad for your health. We need to keep our pants pulled up. Not cinched on. They often require adjusting during the day. Belts add weight to your pants while trying to keep them up at the same time. Maybe not the most intelligent design.

On the other hand, suspenders are about as modern day as an 8-track in a Ford Pinto. They’re bulky and slow to take on and off. Many folks just aren’t into the suspenders look, including us.

It was high time for an innovative suspenders solution.

Seeing that we're highly motivated by the desire to stock our fridge with good local beers, we’re basically a non-profit.

Our Crack Team

HIKERS® Co. is operated by its founders on the Big Island of Hawaii. It's a family affair, a true Mom & Pop. Matt & Melissa Morgan have been working together for over 20 years, and somehow they still get along.

Matt Morgan - Founder & CEO

This whole thing was Matt's idea. Frustrated with his belt, he woke up one morning and got crafty with a dog leash and a carabineer. After wearing that thing around for weeks, he used his decades-long experience in the apparel industry to make HIKERS® a product for everyone. Matt spends most of his time working on product and brand development.

Melissa Morgan - Operations Director

As the person in this duo who gets the day-to-day done, Melissa focuses on all the details. If you've emailed our customer support, chances are she's helped you. She also uses her background to build the website and write and edit all of the company's marketing material.

Got More Questions?

Contact Us anytime via email or check out our Comfort Guide where we answer our most frequently asked questions.