Upfitter® Belt Loop Suspenders

Upfitter® Suspenders are comfortable enough to wear hidden under an untucked shirt, or wear them on the outside like traditional suspenders. Ultra-thin and made to fit in your size, just like our button fly suspenders, Upfitter® offers a more standard, three-point attachment option with our interchangeable, belt-loop hooks that don't come undone.

Looking for our original, 2-point button fly suspenders style, check out our HIKERS® button fly suspenders.

Looking for the Original HIKERS®?

Our original Button Fly Suspenders are perfect for keeping your pants up with an untucked shirt.

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Why Upfitter® Suspenders

Upfitter® 3-point belt loop suspenders come in your size and hold your pants up without any extra bulky hardware. Made to be worn over or under your shirt, they attach to your belt loops with the HIKERS® Co. patented hook system so you know they won't pop off unintentionally.


Upfitter® Belt Loop Suspenders are the comfortable way to replace a belt. Wear them under an untucked-in t-shirt or like traditional suspenders over your shirt.

Quick On & Off

Upfitter® Suspenders are fast on and off. Heading to the restroom could not be easier. No need to disrobe. Simply unhook the back and go about your business.

Made in your size like a belt

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