Untucked Style

Wear HIKERS hidden suspenders for untucked style and comfort

A quick visual survey at any airport will lead you to draw the same conclusion: untucked guys outnumber tucked guys 4 to 1. This trend has been growing year over year. This is the data, not an opinion. If there were a worldwide beer drinking contest between the tucked and untucked… Well, you get the picture.

For the untucked among us, a belt is not a fashion accessory since it’s never seen. It’s a utility device worn solely to keep your pants up. The belt actually works for some guys, believe it or not. If you’re among them, you may leave us now and get back to your previously scheduled activities. We’ll catch you in a few years after you’ve learned to relax a little, or a lot as the case may be.

For many of us, belts fail their primary mission. In an effort to keep their pants from falling down, men over-cinch and end up uncomfortable, and they likely still have to tug up their pants all day long. Belt-wearers bodies’ physically change shape to accommodate this misguided solution. Doctors frown in anticipation of health issues resulting from over-tightened belts. They make recommendations no one wants to hear. Sulking dominates the land. We drink even more beer to drown the pain. SUV sales overtake sedans. YETI stock sores. The cycle continues.

Traditional suspenders, with their one-size-fits-all bulky parts, require a tucked-in shirt, and so they won’t fill the bill either.

HIKERS® hidden suspenders are the answer to the problem that’s been nagging men for decades. They just work, and work well. Don’t take our word for it, read the reviews on our website and on Amazon.

You don’t need our advice.

If you’re already an untucked guy, you probably don’t need our guidance about how to wear an untucked shirt. Uhh, it’s pretty straightforward, right? 

Anyway, we’re not fashion experts. We’re just guys who prefer to relax more than worry about the latest trend. I mean a t-shirt, polo, or button-down over jeans or shorts is what we wear daily. What’s to figure out? Granted, our team works from our offices in Hawaii. Take our fashion guidance with a grain of sea salt.

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