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Great Product

I'm so glad I got these. No more belt tightening and no more constantly pulling up my pants.

Great for conceal carry

This is the second pair of hikers that I have owned. What a phenomenal product and an even more phenomenal customer service oriented group. These people are what by God made in Merica is all about. Great innovative product and great customer service. I was unfortunately born without a bum which has made life rather challenging and even more challenging when trying to exercise my God given inalienable rights granted to me through the United States Constitution. Ever since my first pair of hikers over a year ago I am no longer constantly pulling my britches up all throughout the day even with the added weight of my by God made in Merica firearm of choice. Thank God for hikers, America's forefathers and there wonderfully crafted constitution, and firearms!! Long live hikers!!

3. times is a charm.

Wear them every day and will probably wear them out and have to purchase them again. This will be my third purchase. With age and loss of , need to buy a smaller size.

Love 'em

I love these.
I used to wear regular "alligator teeth" suspenders UNDER my T-shirt and when the teeth chewed up the seat on my brand new F-150 after I vaulted into it one day, I said, "Never again."
Haven't had that problem since getting Hikers.
They're too expensive and well worth it.

Relief Finally!

I have struggled to keep my pants up for years. I have the classic middle aged problem of a larger waist then hips and a flat butt.
I just was sick of tight belts and constant adjustments of my falling pants.
Well now I have discovered these under suspenders and I love them.
Very comfortable and they work. No more belts of any kind and a lot less adjusting. I like wearing my shirts untucked as well.
I have 2 pairs and they have basically solved my problem.
Highest Recommendation!

They work but I am a moron.....

When I received these I did not pay any attention to the instructions. I used the hard plastic end on the fastener of the my pants. I was hard, but I got it attached. Then I couldn't fasten my pants because it was too thick. I got pissed and then requested a refund.

A couple of days later, my wife looked at them and said, holding up the other end, "I think this end is supposed to attach to the fastener on your pants". Well, as wives always are, was right.

Now that I know how to use the Hikers, I will use them and give them 4 stars. I am just a little concerned about the durability of the end which attach to the fastener of the pants.

No plumbers' crack!

No plumbers' crack! I love my hikers I went so far as to having a button sewed on my shorts. Their customer service is first rate fast response for any reason. I lost the rear clip because I didn't fasten it correctly, they send me a new one no charge.


i love mine, it's great not to have to walk around yanking your pants up and so easy to use and undetectable under my cloths. i wish they came in a nude/flesh tone for lighter colored t-shirts.

Very good

I'm happy with my suspenders they work very will.

Great product

Just got my second pair of hikers and I like these better than my first pair can’t wait until you come out with white so they won’t show when I’m wearing white

All I can say is awesome

They work perfect waiting for them to send me a coupon so I can buy another pair

The “Master Plumber” Doesn’t Live Here Anymore!

My husband has always had “issues” with his pants staying up and typical suspenders never stayed on his shoulders! Not anymore!! These Hikers are AMAZING!!!! They are easy to put on and stay on his shoulders where they belong! They even keep his pants where they belong! My husband LOVES them so much that we plan to get at least another pair! Not expensive for how well they work...worth every penny! Thank you!!! ❤️

No more plumber's butt

Yes no more plumber's butt or: hiking up your pants fighting your belt. Simple, easy, and very worry free. Oh and quick shipping.

Really hold them up

They work great, very satisfied!

Doggie's review

Very pleased with the product. A comfortable fit, felt like I wasn't wearing anything!!!

These are a God send.

I wear mine over my T-shirt and button my shirt. Haven’t tucked my shirt in years. So works great. My pants have a slight stretch in the waist band, so I just unhook the back clip and pants are up and down in a breeze for quick bathroom stops. These have given me a new freedom. Hope they never stop making them.

Love the Hikers for all of my golf shorts. Comfortable and works great!

Hikers Suspenders

I do like them and mostly the fact that they are under my shirt. Easy to detach when I need to lower trousers.

HIKERS® Button Fly Suspenders - Black

The New hooks are better!

you included a 3 pack of the new style hook. it's way better. the reason I had to replace my original hook was it kept unhook when I sat down and came loose from the strap and I lost it. Thank you!

!st Rate Product

Best suspenders on the market. Easy to adjust, stay on til you need to take off and go back on with no problem.

I was looking to replace the broken hook on my Hikers.

I ordered the 3 pack. They are of a different design, a bit thicker, and are working fine. Thanks to Hikers I don't have to pull up my pants 10 times a day. Most people don't know I've got them on.

Hiker Replacement Hooks

I almost gave up looking for information regarding hook replacements on your web site. The colors are nice. I soon will be the owner of 2 Hikers and the different colors would help differentiate the 2 pairs.

You also send me redesigned hooks. The only thing I observed with the redesigned hooks are they took more effort to unhook them from my pants.

my second pair, I love them

Great idea

They work great but they are hard on bare skin under A Tee shirt.as I get older my butt went away and my belly got bigger and this makes it hard to keep my pants up.