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Never thought I'd buy something like these--

But they are much more comfortable than I ever expected when you're going for that untucked look. I've had multiple spinal surgeries, and jeans w belts rub against my scars causing chafing after a few hours. This rig helps me enjoy wearing my go to jeans for longer periods now.

Love Them

Very comfortable

Never knew they existed, now I can’t live without them

Stumbled upon an ad for Hikers and thought what a great idea, my whole life my pants just never stayed up, belts were useless. My wife and I would joke because as soon as I had my hands full carrying things, the pants would start to fall, and I’d rush to get somewhere to put the things down and pull up my pants before they hit the ground.
You have made my life so much easier.
Thanks for the great product.

Save some energy

I didn’t realize how much time and energy that I spent pulling up my pants.
Thanks for the lift !

Good Solutions

I like 'em and may buy a second pair. Didn't see any washing instructions.

Customer service

Outstanding service, ordered a pair that was too large and they immediately sent me the proper size without any hassle and they fit and work great 👍


Bought for my husband. He loves them.

Best thing since sliced bread. I wear them most everyday unless I’m wearing shorts.


I like them, I am 5.9 and 250lb, I received a 2xl to make it fit right I had to place another hole in it to get it to fit right. I should have ordered a smaller size .

HIKERS® Button Fly Suspenders - Black

HIKERS® Button Fly Suspenders - Black

I love them

I love the Hikers. No wedges or bathroom issues and they are way better than a belt. Make you look skinny too. One tip you may need a size smaller than you think. I measured them and the first pair was to big


These are absolutely wonderful

Suspend Your Preconceived Ideas

Hikers are great! Comfortable & work as advertised. Customer service is great.
Hikers are next level.

Excellent product

He absolutely loves have the certainty of his suspenders not coming loose. Excellent product. Why didn’t I think of that?!!

Must have for the beer belly enthusiast!!

OMG!! No more droopy drawers. Going to order a couple more!

Going to order one more!

Works as advertised. Dont get the couple,negative reviews I've seen regarding dropping when bathroom duties are required.


Just what I was getting ready you make, there almost perfect, I need to tweak one spot when I get around to it.

Gift for husband

My husband loves his hikers. Very happy with the purchase. He referred a neighbor who order a pair and has already received them.

Little pricie

If they last a long time I won't be unhappy with the price.So far I really like them !


They are working very well for me

Awesome product

I will be buying more in the near future. The best pair of suspenders I own.

Butt to Belly

If you're getting older and the bottom to belly effect takes place, or your waist and belts just do not work for your build. This invention is for you! if suspenders turn you off, and boa constrictor type belt's just don't work you will find your freedom and privacy with this product.

They will show with thin material shirts so beware, but other than that I found them invincible. The button connection is made of top shelf quality, the gent that designed these knew it needed to be. The back hook slips quick for on & off needs.

I might add I have recently lost 2 inches on the waist, guess what? These little wonders saved me from buying a bunch of new jeans and pants with no clown look baggage.

2020 to 2021: Virus things were all messed up BIGTIME. Customer service was great and I happily bought 2 more and they arrived yesterday on time.

Happy Customer TJL San Diego

I have found them very helpful.