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Upfitter Fitted Suspenders

The Upfitter fitted suspenders are the best suspenders I have ever worn. I have purchased at least two or three other brands and they did not measure up to the Upfitters. I find them easy to install on my jeans, I do not have the suspender riding off my shoulders like the other brands. The attachments to my belt loops is great. All my other suspenders fastened to my jeans with the clasps which were always coming undone. Going to the restroom while wearing my Upfitter suspenders is far easier then the conventional suspenders I have worn in the past. The customer service at Hikers is great and the suspenders arrived just a few days after ordering.
Best of all they keep my pants up in place like they should without any discomfort.


My husband already has a pair and wanted more

vs belt these rock

very comfortable, loving them!

Just right. Fits perfectly.

Love the “Hikers”

Fit well, eliminates jean drop and are easy to attach to any pant type.

Perfect fit

These were exactly what I was looking for. I don't like suspenders worn on the out side of the shirt. These fit Actually better than the ones worn outside the shirt. I find they make me warm. I was Leary wether they would bother my skin and pull on my chest hairs. Surprisingly NO issue. I felt embarrassed wearing others over my shirt now These give me more confidence going out in public knowing I am wearing suspenders and nobody knows. I highly recommend these if you feel uncomfortable in public wearing suspenders.

Not your shiner snap clip suspenders

The belt loop hooks are impressive and hold the suspenders in place and the button loop is great concept get tired of pulling pants up while using a belt
Got tired of

Nice and Comfortable

I like these better than the older style. They don't feel as tight and easier to put on. The hooks are tough and rugged and also do not twist.


Ordered two more that tells enough!

Good product and they work well

Upfitter™ Fitted Suspenders - Gray/Black

Well.made good design

I had metal Hooks on my original hikers and they had sharp edges that cut through my belt loops, these new ones have rounded edges and are heavier duty ...good job guys


Awesome and easy to use


Love my Hikers both 2 point and 3…. Belt loop slide on clasps and front button tab great improvement to the snap clasps of the legacy button holders… using the powder room is easy peasey for both needs… glad I found Hikers… if your pants fall and you are tired of pulling up and cinching your belt to the limit… Hikers will change your days

Just what I wanted and needed

I like suspenders

I started with Hikers single style suspenders and moved on to Upfitters and wear them pretty much everyday. Sent a pair to my father who also loves them too..
Also..great company that takes care of its customers.
5 stars....

Happy Customer

I received my uplifter suspenders 14 days ago.
I’m very pleased with the quality of material and the way they fit. The clip that fastens to the pant loop is a great feature. Not having to fasten the suspender to the belt is a more comfortable fit. Will order more and share as gifts at Christmas.

Plumbers crack elimination

Works well for sagging pants on an old guy. Allows for tuck in or no tuck. Measure carefully. I got a medium and it just fits. No room for expansion. Great product.



I have 2 pairs and love them!

I have 2 pairs of Hikers and I be love them.

Hikers Upfitter, Finally!

I knew if I just waited patiently, Hikers would finally make their suspenders in White. The added and unexpected bonus was they made them easier to wear with the front belt loops, rather than the front waist button! Some of my favorite casual wear shirts are light colored or nearly transparent white, and I didn't want to wear gray or black suspenders with them (I wear the suspenders over, not under, my T-shirt). The upfitter is also more comfortable to wear, and to get my trousers dropped when the back door's knocking with a delivery lol!

They work

I love these suspenders. So much more comfortable than my belt.

I like the hikers, they work good

Love my hikers!!

I’d have another set if they didn’t cost so much, thanks for making a good product.