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Hikers vs Upfitters

I've tried both and like the belt loop clips much better than the button fly version. If the button is tight fitting to the pant, can be difficult to button with original Hikers.

Hold up!

These Hikers are fantastic. They “hold up” my pants perfectly. I don’t need to keep pulling my pant up. And bring white, they don’t show through light colored shirts like the black ones.

Easy on and off

They are easy to put on and easy to remove compared to regular suspenders.They also hold your pants up when you have weight on your belt.

Suspenders Which Actually Do Their Job!

Last week I purchased two Upfitter Suspenders in black and gray. Upon delivery, I immediately used the black pair to wear to a job interview. The support the Upfitter Suspenders provides is very comfortable and the elastic straps do not dig into my shoulders. This is a great product and I will highly recommend the suspenders to my family and friends!

Upfitter™ Fitted Suspenders - Gray/Black

White/Dark Gray Suspenders

Perfect option for under lighter or white shirts. Great product!

Much improved.

Ease of attachment much improved.
Liked even needed two straps in front.



Love These

Haven’t worn a belt in weeks! No issues, no buttcrack, no pressure.

Very functional

They in to use whether under the shirt or over.

Excellent product

Excellent, now I wear these through airport security without being taken aside a searched. Great idea, huge help

They're great

I just bought my 3rd pair. I also tried a pair of Upfitteres. I haven't made up my mind, but I may like them even better.

Love ‘em

I love this new design. The old point-to-point design made the suspenders visible undershirts unless they were buttoned all the way to the top. This completely eliminates that problem. As soon as you guys have a sale, I’m gonna order a second pair. Again, thanks for the second design option.

Durable & confidence

About time. I have 4 pair of the regular Hikers in black and love them. They are extremely effective and durable giving me the confidence to do whatever I feel like. It saves me the embarrassment of constantly pulling up my paints and now I can dress up a bit with my shirt tucked in. They are far superior to any clip on suspenders that tend to loose their grip. I were a pair everyday no matter how I dress and with the grey and now white colors, I can wear light collard shirts with even more confidence.

Great twist on my favorite

Just received them, wore them under my shirt, really comfortable and effective. Added bonus, easier to get off in the WC,. Very important to we older customers.

Needs metal hooks

Works great, but would be better with aluminum hooks.

Works great

I really like my up fitter suspenders what a great idea,no snaps to come un done,I have bought the under shirt suspenders.use at work and really enjoy them also .little pricey but they hold up good,lasting that is, and my pants to haha.thanks

Love the fitted upfitter suspenders

Hikers Suspenders

Hikers in my opinion are 100 percent better than the clip ons which always for me would open up. So glad i found Hikers.

I bought them for a pair of shorts were the belt loop was out farther from the center Helps hold them up better for this particular pair of shorts

Works great.
Like color.

belly friendly

Bought these for my husband and he loves them. He'd been wearing the one suspender front and back style of Hikers, but is liking these even better, a bit more comfortable for his stomach.

Better for Me

I've only had them a couple weeks, but the Upfitters seem to have solved the issues I have with the Hikers while still keeping my pants up. Unlike the model in their ads, I suffer from both Noassatall and Dunlap. Hikers are the best solution I've found to the problem of my pants always falling down, but the rubberized strap running down the middle of my belly irritates my skin (pulls at the hairs) and on humid Summer days keeps my belly button perpetually moist. And then there's the straps showing at my neckline, which make me appear to be wearing a medical device. Anyway, thanks for listening to your customers and providing a three-point fitted suspender. Along with their construction, the fact they're fitted to size is IMHO the most unique and desirable feature of either Hikers or Upfitters. And I'll be watching for the white version of the Upfitters.

I have only worn them one time but I like them

Hikers Upfitter Suspenders

These are great! As I have aged, my butt somehow disappeared and I don’t have a waistline anymore. The Hikers do a great job keeping my pants up where they should be. Great product!