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Happy “Hiker”

Customer service -👍!! Products -👍!!
Ordered another Button-fly set today. More orders to follow.

Upfitters are great

I’m a big fan and user of both Upfitters and Hikers. I do have an Ostomy bag and in warm weather the Hikers can start to rub the edge and lift the adhesive. Problem solved with Upfitters!

Love em

Def prefer over the single button fastened version!

Upfitter® Fitted Suspenders - White/Dark Gray

Love these

Having a bit of a belly means that regular belts hurt sometimes so i have used suspenders to assist holding my pants up. Even those still hurt sometimes. I decided to try Hikers and was very happy with how comfortable they are. I now have ordered and received both styles and love them both. Highly recommend them


Well now when you guys first came out with the button model I thought it was great however the two hooks in front model are much more comfortable I think they are excellent

The old is new

Clip-on suspenders used to be the only belt alternative. Eventually, new technology allowed creation of an upscale line that was versatile and better-looking. More recently, Hikers showed up with a clever and problem-solving button and belt loop design. And now, the Hikers innovators have introduced their crowning achievement—Upfitter Fitted Suspenders, easy-on and easy-release, either no-show or show-off, no-droop and stay-up comfort for every pair of belt-loop pants out there. I’ve got mine and will buy more. You should, too.


I just got mine in the mail today hooked them up and wow what an amazing product, they work exactly like I hoped they would. I have to keep my belt so tight because i have no "butt" that it would give me hip pain when I walked but NO MORE the belt and the pain is gone for good !!

Work Great

I have a couple sets of the original hikers and like them a lot but when I tried to wear them with shorts or any other type of pants that had buttons sewn on, the buttons would rip off. The new Upfitters work perfectly with the belt loops.I will be ordering more in different colors.

Great suspenders.

They're light weight and do a great job. I've had other suspenders that were too big and bulky and didn't provide the support that these do.

I have had alot of different suspenders over the last several years. These are the first I have actually enjoyed using. Suspenders are a pain, they come unhooked gets very upsetting.

Hikers Suspenders are very easy to use. Never come disconnected. They give when you stoop over. I highly recommend these to anyone. I will buy another pair.

Very Nice

Well Made

great product

had to order anoth in case i lose one no more belts

Can be an issue for TSA

I bought this thinking the added weight would "position" the hook better. That part worked great. I did some air travel in the last few weeks and forgot about it as I was going through the detector. It caused another pat down. You could take it off in advance or change to the plastic when traveling.

Hooks blue

Items as described finishes the suspenders well

Upfitter™ Fitted Suspenders - Red/Black

Love them

They work really well

Love them

Love this item. Keeps my pants from sliding down. No one knows your wearing them. Comfortable , hardley know you have them on. Easy to remove for bathroom breaks. If you middle age with a dad bod , you need these , you'll love them

Doing the job

They are doing a good job of keeping my pants up. I thought they might be a little more rugged, I hope they last but otherwise I am happy with them.

Very comfortable suspenders

Very comfortable suspenders. They are a better substitute than a belt because a belt cuts into your stomach area and leaves you uncomfortable; these suspenders does not.


Item as described very comfortable to use once sizing is
Correct would recommend them

Glad I got them

I was apprehensive as to whether these would work as promised. I was glad they worked well.

Second Pair

The white pair works great with light colored shirts. Hikers are super comfortable and they work perfectly!

Terrific Idea

Innovative idea. Particularly useful for those of us that have a "belly" but no butt! Comfortable and easy to use. I withheld one star, only because certain kind of fly buttons saw through the fly support strap after a time. Having said that, I have several pairs of these, and only one pair failed within a year, so it's not all that bad. Ordering more!

Upfitter™ Suspenders Standard Hook Pack Hook - Fool's Gold Metal
Excellent quality. Very elegant design

Excellent quality. Very elegant design.
I recommend it. They give a special look to the suspender.