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Customer service

Excellent customer service. Product works as advertised.

Does the job quite nicely!

I've been looking to get some undergarment suspenders for a while now. I haven't been enticed enough to buy any of the offerings I've seen so far. That is until I caught a Facebook ad for Hikers. No matter how tight I made my belt, my pants would work their way down. Hikers ingenious (and very simple) design got me to order some. After a couple of weeks with wearing them I am quite pleased with them. No more having my pants want to fall off while I'm walking with my hands full!

Great suspenders!

Was looking for something to assist holding up my pants since my belt just isn’t working. I’m one of those guys with no hips, so my belt has nothing to rest against and causes my pants to slide down. These suspenders work great. Hook the button up front, place the hook on the middle belt loop in the back and you are good to go. I like them so much, I ordered a 2nd pair.

HIKERS® Button Fly Suspenders - Black

They do the job without the discomfort of traditional suspenders

So glad I found Hikers. I wear them every day. Thank You !


Way more comfortable than a belt or conventional suspenders 😊

No plumber's crack!

Just got my HIKER Suspenders today. Couldn't wait to try them. I had purchased a different brand that holds the pants from the sides. They hold my pants up, but I have Plumber's Crack. The HIKERS eliminate this. I am so much more comfortable and confident that I won't have a wardrobe malfunction. My only change would be to have them flesh colored so they don't show through my shirt.
Thanks so much!

HIKERS® Button Fly Suspenders - Black

HIKERS® Button Fly Suspenders - Black

Received and VERY Pleased

My husband is completely impressed and satisfied with your product. Thank you.

So much better than a belt!

My quarantine belly was hard to control with my belt, so I thought I would try suspenders. The hikers version of suspenders has done the trick of keeping my covid belly from rolling my pants down! Highly recommended!!

HIKERS® Button Fly Suspenders - Black

My Husband LOVES these suspenders!!

Does the job

I bought a 2nd pair after wearing the first for a couple of weeks.
Does an accent job of keeping my pants in place as I don't have sufficient hips to use just a belt.
Very happy.

I didn't order the proper size, but they work very well!

I sent an email yesterday about getting a Large size instead of the XL that I didn't measure correctly. The Hikers work very well but move down too much in the XL size.

Hold Everything!

My Hikers exceeded my expectations. It does a great job of keeping my pants/jeans up in the front and the back. I was constantly having to pull up the back (and sometimes front) of my pants/jeans since my tummy is larger than my fanny. It is great not to have to constantly hike them up when I'm walking, shopping, etc. I plan to purchase another one to have as a "back up".

Perfect fix...

Thank You for comfort

Best thing ever!

These are awesome! Don’t buy one by at least two!

Something Great

One of the best purchases I have ever made.

Problem solved

No more falling down pants. After belt, suspenders, belt with suspenders and years of falling down pants the problem has been solved with Hikers!! Thank you,

Hickers B/F Suspenders

Online ordering was easy, product arrived on time, and husband loves them! I was concerned if the correct size was shipped because a size wasn't marked anywhere on the product. Happily the fit is perfect and the grey works good under his lighter tees and shirts. Thank you!

Daily standard

These suspenders are a game changer for me, I’ve permanently switched to using them full time. Belts simply don’t do the job and aren’t as convenient these are a quick clip and you’re set for the whole day not even having to worry about the balance of them falling off like normal suspenders nor the tight constriction of a belt along your waistline. These suspenders are now part of my day to day wear.

Husband love them

He says they stretch and run big. Need to get medium, I bought the large