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The new hook in the back is hard to get off when I need to get it loose.

Very sturdy

great way to hold up those falling pants

love them use them all the time.

These suspenders are of excellent quality and incredibly easy to attach to pants. They’re perfect for travel, as I had no issues with TSA. Their metal-free adjustment buckles provide a streamlined look without adding bulk. Just be sure to get the right size, as adjustments are limited. Also, note that the hook may not work well with pants featuring large belt loops. Customer support is outstanding and prompt. I highly recommend these suspenders.

Works great

Once you get the correct adjustment, works just like you want

Great purchase!

What I needed!

Easy, convenient, and comfortable.

Upfitter® Belt Loop Suspenders - Black

Arrived on time, as advertised.

Upfitter® Belt Loop Suspenders - Black

Newfound Freedom

I currently have bursitis in the hip. These suspenders allow me to loosen my pants around the waist, preventing the daily irritation that prolongs the healing process. The end of the day pain is all but gone. I’ll be ordering my second pair soon. By the way, no more pulling up your backside when standing from a crouch 👍🏻

Best thing since the microwave !

After being retired for a year and dealing with a medical conditional, I have a belly. I had to buy a size up for my waist but they would not stay up. My Hikers work great. The sizing procedure was perfect for me. I am very pleased.

Great product

I needed something to help when carrying a heavier concealed weapon. These were perfect for discreetly stabilizing my jeans while I was carrying one of my heavier handguns.

Best ever

The most comfortable suspenders I have ever had. After wearing it once I ordered two more.


As advertised, they keep your pants up. You look and feel better. Very comfortable.

2 Hooks Better Than One!

I can say this confidently because I have been wearing the original style for years.

The weight of my pocket EDC items (and my thinner build) necessitate that I wear suspenders. A belt alone does not work, plus it hurts.

The original style helped fix that problem and I have bought multiple pairs.

But the double-front-straps are far more effective for me BECAUSE the straps are spread out closer to the pockets carrying the weight.

Also, if you ever need to unbuttoned & unzip the front of your pants, you can do so without disconnecting the front 2 hooks.

Yes, I will buy another set of these should I desire a different color or just need a second pair.

Upfitter® Belt Loop Suspenders - Navy/Black

I haven’t worn it all that much yet, but it fulfills it purpose well. The attachment and fit are good, but ABSOLUTELY measure yourself before purchasing. I think the biggest negative is my super considerate and look the other way at my unstylish tendencies wife said this is an instant turn-off. 😂

Upfitter® Belt Loop Suspenders - Gray/Black

Great product

They fit perfectly, very comfortable even directly on the skin, need some practice detaching the clips, but that’s it. Love them and would recommend them.


Suspenders are better than a belt, but work best if your pants are big enough so that the suspenders don't try to pull the top of your pants up past your gut. The pants that you own, which are tight enough not to fall down, but might be too small for your gut.

Love My Hikers

Comfortable. Will really wear them.

Works well

Enjoying the Upfitters! This company has great customer service, I ordered the wrong size and the company was nice enough to provide the correct size! Belts sometimes hurt my back, so far these do not! I recommend you to try them out if you get a chance!

Button Fly Suspenders

I like ‘em