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Exactly what I wanted.

Hikers Button Fly Suspenders are exactly what I wanted, but didn't know existed, until I saw an advertisement on Facebook. I watched the entire advertisement and thought that they would be great if they worked exactly as shown. When I received them, I tried them on and they were a bit large. I called for an exchange and was taken care of immediately. Customer service is great. Now that I have the correct size, I think they are great. These suspenders hold up my jeans like no belt ever could, and they are comfortable to wear and easy to adjust. Everything they talk about in their ad is exactly as they say. And they truly are easy to use. No more sweatpants for me!

This is my second pair , best product ever

Just Love This Product!!

My pants always sagged to to small buttocks. I constantly got grief from my girlfriend. When I saw these Hikers on line I thought. that my problem was solved. Guess what? It was solved.
These thing are a blessing. I recently lost 40 lbs and got another pair!! Don't hesitate to try them, you won't regret it!

Works okay Buying more

Works as advertised. Need more so I can wash them. Been showering with them on to clean. I wear them directly next to my skin with no issues other then they get sweaty.

HIKERS Kicked My Belts Out of the Closet!

I ordered 2 HIKERS Button Fly Suspenders three weeks ago. Right out of the shipping packet, I was very impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of the suspenders. Later that afternoon, I met some friends for a casual, early dinner out and decided to wear my suspenders with my favorite pair of jeans and a simple white T-shirt. Immediately, I noticed the HIKERS suspenders eliminated the midsection bulk I would normally see whenever I wore a thick leather belt with those same pair of jeans. So, in addition to keeping UP my jeans, HIKERS suspenders has slimmed DOWN my midsection. I don't know about you, but I appreciate a slimmer profile in my appearance. HIKERS has officially and singlehandedly kicked my leather belts out of the closet!

HIKERS® Button Fly Suspenders - Gray Black

Great after prostate surgery

I recently had prostate surgery and cannot put pressure from a belt in the waist area due to the surgery. The hikers I thought was a perfect product that would elevate pressure in that area. That exactly what it provided I would recommend this product for anyone looking to relax the waist and belly area of pressure from belts.

Great Wear

Excellent for older men instead of belt. Comfortable easy on and easy off.

Hikers Review

They are awesome! I can't thank you enough for having such and incredible product. Now people can't ask me, are you a plumber? They are comfortable and do their job. I love them and intend to buy 2 or 3 more pairs of them.

HIKERS® Button Fly Suspenders - Black

My friend Button Fly

I have a new BFF , I call him Button Fly. Since Button has come into my life I am no longer the Butt of the crack jokes . I'm not embarrassed when I bend over to pick something up or just walking the dog . Thank You Hikers for giving me crack control.

Does the Job!!

It's like wearing suspenders but much easier!! That said, it's limited to button up at the waist pants. (more specifically, Jeans). Now, I wear jeans all year round, be they full jeans or shorts. I'm also a bit robust in the waist, so to speak! :-) If you have a problem with them being exposed, realize you can tuck your shirt in and have it exposed or wear them under your shirt and keep your shirt untucked. I purchased the XL using the described measurements. Upon arrival I had to move it up one hole to make it fit perfectly. Great invention, hope it lasts!!

Was looking for a solution to always pulling up my pants

and tightening my belt. I used it for the first time yesterday and it was easy to forget I had it on. I don't like tight pants so I've struggled with pulling up my pants for a long time. Thanks.

Works great

Now I can dress normally

Works Great and exceptional customer service!

Never thought I would wear anything but a belt. Mrs always on me because pants sagging , tried these and even tho I bought the wrong size , still work better then a belt and very comfortable. I don’t even realize I have them on. Oh and as I said bought wrong size , emailed customer service and they immediately sent be another pair free of charge. I’m a fan and will be a repeat customer . Absolutely love them !!!

Good as they say.

They work! They are comfortable.

Hikers suspenders

Great product,no problems.work great

Excellent answer to belts!!

I am so much more comfortable now! Love this product!

Works for me…

keeps my shorts up!

i was SO tired of hitching my pants (despite the current fashion trend) that i went to bibbed overalls! but i think shorts with suspenders are WAY too much like lederhosen! HOW KERS to the rescue!
GREAT IDEA that fit good and do the job!

Nice suspenders.

I really like the Hikers. It is great not having to pull my pants up all the time!!!!!