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The HIKERS® Co. Suspenders Fit

HIKERS® Co. suspenders sizing guide - Measure from the top of the belt loop HIKERS® Co. suspenders hold your pants in place by putting slight tension on your shoulders. It takes much less force to pull pants up than it does to cinch them on. Wedgies are not an issue with any of HIKERS® Co. tried and true designs. Experience the HIKERS® Co. suspenders relaxed sensation akin to wearing overalls.

Adjust for Comfort

HIKERS® Co. suspenders sizing - measure to the center of your button

HIKERS® Co. suspenders are adjustable much like a belt. That is, you start by purchasing the correct length, and adjust within a limited range to accommodate your daily needs, which might be affected by dinner last night or by how much you load up your pockets. For these reasons, HIKERS® Co. suspenders are best fitted so that the largest adjustment is your starting size. There are two notches to size down from there. If you measure between sizes, order the larger size.

How to Measure

For the perfect HIKERS® Co. suspenders fit, simply measure from the top of your rear belt loop, over your shoulder to your button fly. 

What if I Get the Wrong Size

When you first get your HIKERS® Co. suspenders, we encourage you to try them on over your clothes. Adjust the rear strap if you need to tighten them. We recommend starting on the loosest setting (which is the stated size). That way you'll have room to tighten up as needed for varied pant styles and weighted pockets, as well as when and if the elastic straps stretch a bit over time.

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If you immediately tighten your suspenders down to the shortest setting, we recommend exchanging them for 2 sizes smaller than what you currently have. That's because each adjustment on the strap is equivalent to one HIKERS® Co. size. For instance, if you order an XL pair, your suspenders will come adjusted to the stated size (XL), and the strap will have size adjustments for XL - Large - Medium.