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Customers Rave about HIKERS® Co. Suspenders

Wish I bought these years ago

I've been hiking up my pants for longer than I can remember and I've always struggled with finding the "right" pants waist size that didn't feel like a boa constrictor. HIKERS solves this problem with a minimum of discomfort and change. Thanks!

Gordon L.

Best Investment I have made in accessories

I am so glad to have my Hikers for years I have agonized with belts that don't hold my pants up and I have to draw them so tight that the belt bites into my stomach and causes pain. I have no hips and no butt so Hikers was the perfect answer for me.

Samuel A.

Everything I had hoped for & more

They are so much more comfortable than conventional suspenders. Designed for the “untucked” but can certainly be worn as outside as well.

Dennis F.

Created for comfort

Awesome stuff…great material.. very comfortable…body feels free from the waist squeeze to my pants...increase blood flow helped reduce my left leg cramps.


Best Purchase of 2021!

I was so frustrated with my pants falling as I walked the dog, shopped, etc. I hate belts. I ordered these and love them! So comfortable. Best on line order ever. You won't regret it.

William M.

Essential wardrobe item

My Hikers are worn everyday. I am no longer having to pull up my slacks with that awkward lifting, twisting motion, that had become part of my subconscious. My belt is now just for show. Great product!

Bud D.

Hidden treasure

Hikers are awesome at keeping my pants in place without the “old geezer” look of visible suspenders! They did confuse my doctor when he saw them, but it was fun explaining how awesome they are!!

Jim C.

Made in your size like a belt

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