Is Your Belt Bad for Your Health?

We’ve all seen (and some of us are) men with flat cowboy butts and big bellies hanging over our belt buckles. Some people call it Dunlap Syndrome, as in that guy’s belly ‘dun laps’ over his pants. But what’s the deal with all that weight up front and why is it so hard? The typical, hard-to-pinch beer belly is filled with visceral fat which fills the spaces between your organs and causes your gut to balloon and feel hard to the touch.

If you’re like us, your doctor may have told you that having a larger belly can lead to health issues, but aside from the obvious (having a belly full of hard fat doesn’t sound good), have you thought about the other reasons this body type is said to be worse than smoking and high cholesterol?

All that fat constricts your internal organs, puts extra weight on your lower body, cuts off circulation to your legs and feet, and causes chronic back pain. All of these things can increase the risk of heart disease, weight gain, type 2 diabetes, and other health problems.

Can Belts Cause the Gut?

Something that no one seems to mention is that a belt can be the cause of, and the worst thing for, those big paunches. Belts act like a tourniquet on your belly, displacing and restricting blood flow to the already-crammed internal organs and causing your fat to get stuck in your torso rather than settling down into your buttocks and legs.

What About that Under-Your-Gut Ridge?

There’s a ridge that develops under a big gut, right where the belt sits, and it’s almost like a continental divide. The muscle and fat tissues get pushed to one side of the ridge, trained in a way, so that even when you take off your belt, everything stays on its learned side of the ridge. 

The good news is that when you lose the belt, you’ll notice that your hard ridge smooths out and gravity takes over after a few months. Your circulation greatly improves and varicose veins decrease. If you’re cursed with a non-existent butt or chicken legs, prepare to fill out a little as your newly-mobile body fat begins to migrate as it was intended to do. And don’t worry, having a little more padding all over is worlds better than the alternative.

Bottom Line: It’s Bad to Wear Your Belt Too Tight

Despite fashion dictating that you fill your belt loops with a belt, you’re better off losing the belt. It’s just a fact: a tight belt can cause some serious problems. 

But for many of us, if the belt isn’t cinched tightly, those pants are going to fall down. Or, you’ll be stuck hiking them up all day long, which is especially hard if you need to use your hands for work or even if you need to put things in your pockets.

How to Keep Your Pants Up?

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