HIKERS® Co. Hooks & Accessories

One of the defining features of HIKERS® Co. Suspenders are our proprietary, interchangeable hooks. The standard, TSA-friendly hooks that come with every pair of our suspenders were purpose-built to offer security, adjustability, and comfort.

Whether you like the look of metal hardware, need a replacement for that hook that got lost in your laundry, or are looking for a wide hook for varied belt loops, we've got you covered.

Adjust to Tighten

Made in your Size

Our proprietary rear hook design allows you to adjust any pair of HIKERS® Co. suspenders up to 3 sizes.

Easy to Tighten

Choose the size slot you need, and thread the strap back through the hook.

Comfortable & Easy to Use

Removable hooks won't pop off unintentionally

Flippable Front Hooks

Both front hooks on our Belt Loop Suspenders can be flipped for right- or left-handed preference and ultimate comfort.