Keep your pants on

HIKERS® are made to be worn under your shirt as an undergarment.

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Common Questions

HIKERS® are easy in the bathroom. And, no, they won't give you a wedgie.

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Leave your shirt untucked

HIKERS® stay concealed under your shirt.

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Fasten to your button

The HIKERS® buttonhole is made with ultra-thin, reinforced rubber.

Attach to the rear loop

The HIKERS® rear strap is adjustable and won't come undone.

Adjustable & Made to Fit in Your Size

HIKERS® are adjustable up to 3 sizes.

Easy to Tighten

Choose the size slot you need, and thread it back through the hook.

HIKERS® Co. designs and manfuactures button fly suspenders and belt loop suspenders, made without bulky hardware protruding through your shirt. HIKERS® are made in your size and are adjustable much like a belt.

HIKERS® are made in your size like a belt

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