HIKERS® Co. is on a mission to provide the most comfortable way to keep your pants on.

Upfitter® Belt Loop Suspenders

Designed to be worn under your untucked shirt as an undergarment, but may also be worn over your shirt like conventional suspenders. Our 3-point suspenders attach to your belt loops front and back.

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The Original HIKERS® Button Fly Suspenders

Made to be worn under your untucked shirt as an undergarment, our 2-point suspenders attach to your button fly and rear belt loop.

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Common Questions

HIKERS® Co. Suspenders are easy in the bathroom. And, no, they won't give you a wedgie.

More Common Questions

Fasten to your button

The HIKERS® buttonhole is made with ultra-thin, reinforced rubber.

Attach to the rear loop

The HIKERS® rear strap is adjustable and won't come undone.

As the original untucked suspenders company, HIKERS Co.® designs and manufactures button-fly and belt-loop suspenders for the casual, untucked guy who struggles with belts and bulky suspenders. The ultimate men's belt alternative, HIKERS® Co. suspenders are made in your size to remain hidden under an untucked shirt. They're adjustable much like a belt and will never come undone unintentionally.

Adjustable & Made to Fit in Your Size

Our proprietary rear hook design allows you to adjust any pair of HIKERS® Co. suspenders up to 3 sizes.

Easy to Tighten

Choose the size slot you need, and thread the strap back through the hook.

Made in your size like a belt

Watch our 1-minute video to get it right the first time

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