Untucked Style

A quick visual survey at any airport will lead you to draw the same conclusion: untucked guys outnumber tucked guys 4 to 1. This trend has been gr...

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Top 5 Reasons to Wear HIKERS® Co. Suspenders

Imagine not having to hike up your pants constantly. Imagine not needing to cinch your belt. Imagine wearing loose, comfortable pants and trusting that they won’t slip off your flat butt. Imagine not needing to wash your pants just because they’re a little too stretched out to stay up. Imagine feeling comfortable even after you eat. You don’t need to imagine, just try a pair today.

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Is Your Belt Bad for Your Health?

We’ve all seen (and some of us are) men with flat cowboy butts and big bellies hanging over our belt buckles. Some people call it Dunlap Syndrome, as in that guy’s belly ‘dun laps’ over his pants. But what’s the deal with all that weight up front and why is it so hard? What kind of health problems come with such a big gut, and can belts be part of the problem?

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The History of Suspenders - From Suspender Clips to HIKERS®

The struggle to keep up our pants is nothing new. Holding up our pants is an age-old problem, and suspenders, belts and various other contraptions have been competing for our preference since humans started wearing pants. From the original ribbons used in France in the 1700s to Albert Thurston designs, Mark Twain's clips, and all the way to HIKERS®, suspenders have been an essential tool for keeping our pants from falling down.

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What are the Health Benefits of Suspenders?

Are there actually health benefits to wearing suspenders?

Absolutely. Suspenders, also known as braces, have been proven to improve posture, increase blood flow to your internal organs, improve circulation to your legs and feet, and reduce back pain, all while keeping your pants from falling down. But how? Try HIKERS® to find out...

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