Top 5 Reasons Your Belt Doesn't Work

Do You Need a Belt Alternative?

Wear HIKERS hidden suspenders under your shirt and keep your pants from slipping offDo you find yourself cinching your belt too tight just to keep your pants up? You’re probably also someone who needs to loosen your belt after a meal. Do you try to discretely adjust your pants in public? Or maybe you’re someone who has given up on belts altogether and resorted to hiking up your pants all day long. We've seen guys walking around literally holding up their pants because belts just don't work for everybody.

HIKERS® keep your pants on

If you’re looking for an alternative to your belt but aren’t interested in traditional suspenders or weird elastic belts, HIKERS® are the solution to keep your pants up without a belt.

Top 5 Reasons Belts Don’t Work

  1. If you don’t have a butt or hips, belts don’t have anything to rest on.
  2. The only way to keep your pants from falling down is to cinch your belt so tightly that it digs into your lower belly and makes your muffin top pop.
  3. Our bodies expand throughout the day, and it’s not polite to re-buckle your belt in public. (But we've all done it...)
  4. Your pants are made to be worn too high or too low for a belt to sit comfortably.
  5. The belt’s holes are too few or aren’t far enough apart.

The bottom line is: for most people, belts just aren't comfy, and for lots of us, belts don't work!

Why Do We Keep Wearing Belts?

There are so many reasons to ditch your belt, but it’s hard to break free from decades of a fashion norm and to find a better way to keep your pants from sliding down. Our pants have belt loops, and we keep hoping we might find a belt that will actually work. 

Whether we want to admit it or not, many of us wear belts because they’re the only acceptable option. 

So, what can you do when your belt doesn’t keep your pants on? 

HIKERS® are the Alternative to a Belt that's too Tight

HIKERS® will keep your pants up and your waist constriction free, and they can be your secret, hidden under your t-shirt. The perfect belt substitute, HIKERS® attach to your fly button and your back belt loop—so you don't need to buy new pants or sew on any buttons, and best of all, you can wear them with your t-shirt untucked

The belt alternative you've been looking for is actually a new kind of hidden suspenders, but don't worry, there's nothing stodgy or old-fashioned about them. HIKERS® are made to fit and come in your size so there are no bulky pieces of hardware sticking out from under your t-shirt.

Even though HIKERS® are made to be hidden, if you want to wear HIKERS® on top, just tuck in your tee. Wear them with pride.

Can I wear a Belt with HIKERS®?

If you feel funny not wearing a belt, you can still wear your belt with HIKERS®, but you don’t need to worry about your belt holding your pants up. It’s okay if your belt doesn’t work when you’re wearing HIKERS®—it can just be a fashion accessory if you’re into that kind of thing.

A Fix for Stretched Out Jeans

One of the best things about them is that HIKERS® suspenders can be worn with loose, stretched out pants—the days of needing to run your jeans through the dryer just to shrink your jeans back into fighting shape are gone. Most of us have had those evenings where we can't wait to take off our pants, not because the pants are too tight, but because the pants are stretched out after a long day and we've had our belts notched up too tightly for hours.

HIKERS® hold your pants up, no matter how loose and roomy they are. So, you can ditch your belt and wear your comfy pants all day. If your jeans a little dirty and stretched out, you can get another day or two out of them. The laundry can wait…

Belts Are Unhealthy

Did you know that belts can actually be bad for your health? Maybe your doctor told you to ditch the tight belt. There are lots of good reasons to keep your belly constriction-free. Read more about how belts cause poor circulation, back pain, internal organ damage, and can even make your big belly bigger!

If you’re ready to try an alternative to your belt and keep your pants from falling down, give HIKERS® a try. We offer our iron-clad risk-free guarantee, free shipping and free exchanges. So, there’s no reason not to give them a try today.