How are HIKERS® different from traditional suspenders?

HIKERS® are the blue jeans of suspenders—they’re made to be worn every day, under your untucked shirt or over your a tucked-in button down. It’s all up to you: you can wear HIKERS® with any pants or shorts with a button. 

Old Fashioned Suspenders for Men

There are many reasons to wear suspenders, be it health, utility, or convenience, and we’re down with all of them. But for some of us, traditional suspenders are just not okay. We either associate them with grandpa or Wall Street bankers or hipster bartenders. We’re not bashing grandpas, bankers, or bartenders, we just don’t want to dress like them.

HIKERS® Are Casual Wear

Maybe you like to dress up sometimes, but what about when you want to keep your pants on without the formal factor. What if you just want to throw on some dirty jeans and a t-shirt and go to the grocery store without worrying that your pants are going to fall down. Maybe you need to load up your pockets or wear a heavy gun or tool belt. Maybe your belt just doesn't work. Now you have a casual option for keeping your pants up.

HIKERS® Suspenders - Innovative & Casual

It would be easy to call these suspenders, but really they’re a whole new thing. Although they both keep your pants from falling down, here are a few ways HIKERS® are different from traditional suspenders. We could go on and on...

Traditional Suspenders

HIKERS® Suspenders

One-Size Fits All


Involve lots of hardware

Take time to put on

Can be tricky in the bathroom


Not often worn with casual clothing / jeans

Typically formal

Niche fashion statement

Require tucked-in shirt

Faux pas to wear a belt with suspenders



Minimal hardware

Easy to take on and off

Easy in the bathroom

Can be hidden under clothing

Made to be worn everyday

Compliment a casual lifestyle

  • Made to be worn with most pants
  • Easy to load up your pockets
  • Keep your shirt untucked or tucked in - either way works.

Can replace your belt indefinitely 

Can be worn with your (loosened) belt, if you just can’t part with it or have belt attachments

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  • works great, lite wt . feel good,best yet.

    terry mick on

  • Manufactured in China? Why not manufacture in U.S.A.?

    Roger Gardner on

  • Just ordered a pair. Seem interesting. Consider creating another product – one with a thin nylon bra-like material (the thin side or strap material) instead of heavy strap with an eye loop at each end with the intent of the wearer to sew a button on the inside front and back of their pants. I would continue to wear a belt for fashion and added up-ness. Thanks.

    Chet on

  • Our measurement was 53 and 1/2 inches. Do I order 3XL or 2XL ? Thank you.

    Mary Henson on

  • I have a lot of chronic lower back pain, can’t tolerate the tightness of a belt.

    Todd Austin on

  • I’m five’ten” weight 200 lbs. pot bellied, 36+ waist. No hips. So can’t tighten belt enough to keep my blue jeans from creeping down. I ware extra large shirts, I know I need suspenders and yours seems to fit the bill. I My question is what size suspender do you recommend. I will probably order one after your reply.

    Junior BIggerstaff on

  • What about jeans that don’t have a belt loop in the center of back. Wrangler have two equally spaced that the space is centered.

    Bret Spaulding on

  • Just ordered a pair, after trying every contraption on the market, the only thing that really worked where traditional suspenders, Complicated, and they do not look good on me, Sincerely hoping that your model will be salvation for me lol will let you know,,,, Tom

    tom fermanian on

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