Rear Standard Hook - Fool's Gold Metal

Adjust back hook across 3 sizes (example shown in black).

Rear Standard Hook - Fool's Gold Metal

  • Optional metal hook is ultra-thin –
  • Locks onto your belt loop won't pop off –
  • Quick and easy in the restroom –
  • Simple tilt on and off to release from belt loop–
  • 100% Iron-Clad Guarantee

Our Standard Hook in Fool's Gold is ultra-thin, elegant, and will last a lifetime.

All hooks are compatible with the rear strap of both our HIKERS® Button Fly Suspenders and Upfitter® Belt Loop Suspenders, sold separately.

The Rear Trick Hook

This ingenious design locks around your belt loop with a simple tilt on and off, and the hook's fine-tuned size post secures the rear strap in your selected size position. Keep in mind, HIKERS® Co. Suspenders are designed to be under slight tension at all times, keeping your rear strap secure until you reach back and ease the tension off the rear hook.

* These interchangeable hooks are compatible with the adjustable strap. *

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

As advertised fit is right on it works great and looks good as well


Perfect thanks

I no longer have to “hike” my pants up every 5 minutes

I have started wearing regular suspenders this winter. I have a gut, but minimal hips and cannot keep my pants up! (I won’t tell you how many decades it has taken me to figure this out.) They are fine for when I tuck in my shirt. However, as summer approaches, I like to wear polo shirts untucked, so I ordered a pair of Hikers and they do the trick. I liked the first pair so well that I ordered a second. Re: the Fool’s Gold Metal - I haven’t used it yet, but it looks cool.


Belt loop will likely go out before this thing ever does. Love it!

Curt D
Can be an issue for TSA

I bought this thinking the added weight would "position" the hook better. That part worked great. I did some air travel in the last few weeks and forgot about it as I was going through the detector. It caused another pat down. You could take it off in advance or change to the plastic when traveling.

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