The New HIKERS® Hook is here

Now 3 Sizes in Every Pair

The new HIKERS® strap is made for adjustability.

Pull it Taut

Make sure the size hole is seated firmly on the center post.

Change your Size

Thread the strap to the next size and tuck it in up top.

Stay Comfortable

Adjust it when you need it. Stays flat against your back.

Order Recently?

Oops! Check your mailbox.

If you ordered a pair recently, you may have received a pair with a faulty hook.

Since launching our new adjustable version, a handful of customers have reported that our plastic hooks weren't strong enough. So, we sent Matt back to the drawing board, and our new plastic hooks are much, much stronger, thicker, and even softer against your skin. 

We are mailing replacement hooks to all of you! Check  your mailbox in the next week. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

How to Rethread your HIKERS® Hook

  • With the HIKERS® logo facing you, thread the strap into the first slot from the top, under the first bar, and back up through the second slot.
  • Pull it through and thread it back down into the final slot, seating the strap's size hole onto the center post.
  • If you're using a second or third size hole, you can then thread the remainder of the strap up the back of the hook, under the top bar.
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