HIKERS® Button Fly Suspenders - Black


HIKERS® are innovative button fly suspenders for everyday, casual wear made to be worn under your UNTUCKED shirt. Keep your pants up, and scrap your overly-cinched belt once and for all.


HIKERS® hold your pants up and stay concealed because of their simple and ultra-flat construction. With just two attachment points, one over your fly button and the other on your rear belt loop, HIKERS® keep your pants on without any bulky hardware protruding through your shirt.


HIKERS® are made to fit in your size and can be tightened like a belt by adjusting the hook on the rear strap. Every pair of HIKERS® has three sizes on the strap. If you order a Large, for instance, the strap is adjusted to size Large when they arrive, but it may be tightened down to Medium or Small as well. They can’t be adjusted to be bigger—so if you’re between sizes, order the larger of the two.

To determine your HIKERS® size, simply measure over your shoulder from the top of your center rear belt loop to your front button. See our size guide and video to measure yourself for the perfect fit.


HIKERS® Suspenders Size Your Length in Inches / cm
XS 41" / 105 cm
S 43" / 110 cm
M 45" / 115 cm
L 47" / 120 cm
XL 49" / 125 cm
2X 51" / 130 cm
3X 53" / 135 cm
4X 55" / 140 cm


HIKERS® button fly suspenders are made to be worn with your shirt untucked

HIKERS® are the comfy way to replace a belt for people who like to go UNTUCKED. You can also wear your HIKERS® over a tucked-in t-shirt and layer up.

HIKERS® require a button closure and a rear belt loop. Snaps or slide-on closures won't work with our buttonhole strap.


With just two straps to hook up, HIKERS® are fast on and off. Heading to the bathroom could not be easier. HIKERS® stay in place under your shirt so there’s no need to disrobe. Simply unhook and go about your business. About as quick as a belt and much faster than traditional suspenders.


HIKERS® are made from polyester, latex silk, rubber, and nylon. The shoulder straps are elastic and the rear and buttonhole straps are made with a super-thin, ultra-tough, military-grade rubber known as Hypalon.

As an undergarment, HIKERS® are built to be laundered. Simply remove the rear hook, machine wash, and lay flat to dry.


We have answers to all the commonly asked questions. Visit our COMFORT GUIDE.

Optional add-on hooks are available for purchase.

HIKERS® suspenders are a true mom & pop enterprise and are patent pending. You can expect ongoing innovation from HIKERS® Co.

HIKERS button fly suspenders come with a 1 year iron-clad guarantee

Customer Reviews

Based on 1346 reviews
Barry Hebl
Love Them

Very comfortable

Dennis Carnahan
Never knew they existed, now I can’t live without them

Stumbled upon an ad for Hikers and thought what a great idea, my whole life my pants just never stayed up, belts were useless. My wife and I would joke because as soon as I had my hands full carrying things, the pants would start to fall, and I’d rush to get somewhere to put the things down and pull up my pants before they hit the ground.
You have made my life so much easier.
Thanks for the great product.

Doug Williams
Save some energy

I didn’t realize how much time and energy that I spent pulling up my pants.
Thanks for the lift !

Keith Hill
Good Solutions

I like 'em and may buy a second pair. Didn't see any washing instructions.

Patrick Sawyer
Customer service

Outstanding service, ordered a pair that was too large and they immediately sent me the proper size without any hassle and they fit and work great 👍