Includes all 3 hooks for Upfitter® Suspenders.

Includes all 3 hooks for Upfitter® Suspenders.

Hook Pack - Standard Loop - Silver Metal

Hook Pack - Standard Loop - Silver Metal

Hook Pack - Standard Loop - Silver Metal

  • Hook pack includes two flippable front hooks and one adjustable rear hook –
  • Optional metal hooks are ultra-thin –
  • Locks onto your belt loop won't pop off –
  • Quick and easy in the restroom –
  • Simple tilt on and off to release from belt loop–
  • 100% Iron-Clad Guarantee
In stock, ships within 24 hours

Our Upfitter® Suspenders standard hook packs contain three hooks: one standard rear hook for the back strap and two standard front hooks for the front belt loop attachments. These Silver Metal hooks are ultra-thin, elegant, and will last a lifetime.

All hooks are compatible with Upfitter® Belt Loop Suspenders, sold separately.

Looking for a replacement hook pack in TSA-friendly nylon?

Customer Reviews

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Haven't used them

Brian Tech
Hook pack

Just what I was looking for. Nice quality.

John Donaldson
Fantastic under or over.

I tried a half dozen suspenders when belts didn’t work well for me (constantly adjusting pant waist). I have a number of scars / abrasions / sore spots as a result.

Additionally, if I had to use the facilities, it usually necessitated removing my shirt to lower the straps.

Imagine my delight when I discovered a set that fit, were adjustable within a few inches, didn’t leave a mark, and didn’t require disrobing to do my business!

These are great. I did upgrade to metal after wearing them for a couple of months simply because I want to wear these for decades.

Thanks for the great product!!

Tom West
Great product and excellent customer support

I’ve really like the upfitter suspenders the fit and feel makes it easy to wear. I’ve had other brands but these are the most comfortable and the hooks don’t slip off. Also I had a rear hook break and I sent a message to customer service and thankfully it was replaced free of charge. Thanks for producing a worthwhile product that works and my pants thank you. Thomas


Wish I'd known about the hook set for wider belt loops. I could use those. The suspenders are great!!!

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