HIKERS® Button Fly Suspenders - Black


HIKERS® are innovative button fly suspenders for everyday, casual wear made to be worn under your untucked shirt. There are just two attachment points: your fly button* and your rear belt loop. HIKERS® keep your pants up and your waist constriction-free.

Suspenders That Won't Pop Off

Unlike traditional suspenders with clips and flimsy buttons, HIKERS® attach to your fly button and won't ever pop off your pants. *Please note: HIKERS® suspenders only attach to a button—they won't work with snap closures.

The HIKERS® Hook

Made from durable guitar-pick material, the HIKERS® hook is ultra-flat and comfortable against your skin. It holds onto your belt loop with engineered tenacity so you don’t have to worry about coming undone while your hands are busy delivering beers to your pals. Plus it's also quick to undo, so urgently dropping your drawers in the john is drama-free. We know what that’s like.

Order Your Size & Adjust to Fit

To avoid extra hardware and bulk, HIKERS® are made to fit in your size, but our innovative hook gives you 3 size options.

Order your size and you'll have the option to downsize if needed. If you order a Large, for instance, the strap is adjusted to size Large when they arrive, but it may be shortened to sizes Medium and Small as well. Each size is marked on the strap so you’re never confused about what size you’re wearing.

Learn how to get the perfect fit, and try them today with our 100% Risk-Free Guarantee.

HIKERS® Features

HIKERS® 2-point clipless suspenders have changed the game. Features include:

  • Durable military-grade Hypalon front and rear straps
  • Size-adjustable rear hook
  • Ultra-flat components remain concealed under your shirt
  • Airport/TSA-friendly - no metal parts
  • Made in your size, adjustable for a better fit

HIKERS® suspenders are a true mom & pop enterprise and are patent pending. You can expect ongoing innovation from HIKERS® Co.

HIKERS button fly suspenders come with a 1 year iron-clad guarantee


Measure to the buttonHIKERS® button fly suspenders hold your pants in place by putting slight tension on your shoulders. It takes much less force to pull pants up than it does to cinch them on. Wedgies are not an issue with the HIKERS® tried and true design. Experience the HIKERS® relaxed sensation akin to wearing overalls.

Adjust for Comfort

HIKERS® are adjustable much like a belt. That is, you start by purchasing the correct length, and adjust within a limited range to accommodate your daily needs, which might be affected by dinner last night or by how much you load up your pockets. For these reasons, HIKERS® are best fitted so that the largest adjustment is your starting size. There are two notches to size down from there. If you measure between sizes, order the larger size.

How to Measure

For the perfect HIKERS® fit, simply measure over your shoulder from your center rear belt loop to your button fly. See Figure 1. If you need an extra hand getting this done (a common request during COVID times), consider purchasing our Size Tool Kit. It’s $10 well spent because it comes with a $10 discount code towards your first purchase. So, it’s essentially free in the end.

HIKERS® Suspenders Size Your Length in Inches / cm
XS 41" / 105 cm
S 43" / 110 cm
M 45" / 115 cm
L 47" / 120 cm
XL 49" / 125 cm
2X 51" / 130 cm
3X 53" / 135 cm
4X 55" / 140 cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 845 reviews
No Hips

I have no hips to speak and my pants don't stay up, the button fly suspenders where a great solution. my first thought was how can they attach to your button and fasten your pants. very easy to do! i also thought that were would be some tugging but i can't even tell that i am wearing them. great Quality!!

All of the benefits, zero drawb

I will be buying more. That really says it all

You Get Used To Them Quick

I have tried the traditional sets but could never get used to them. I wore these for a day and now I'm getting ready to buy my second pair. They stay put!

Hike, hike, Go!

They are easy to put on and take off. No additional hardware, buttons, snaps, etc. They look different and I wear them under any sweaters or shirts. I look like a firefighter.

Hiker suspenders

I like them a lot. I wonder how long the rubber fastener that goes on front will last/ wear. Other than that concern I do like them