Includes all 3 hooks for Upfitter® Suspenders.

Includes all 3 hooks for Upfitter® Suspenders.

Adjust back hook across 3 sizes.

Front hook may be flipped 180 deg.

Upfitter® Suspenders Standard Hook Pack - Black Metal

  • Hook pack includes two flippable front hooks and one adjustable rear hook –
  • Optional metal hooks are ultra-thin –
  • Locks onto your belt loop won't pop off –
  • Quick and easy in the restroom –
  • Simple tilt on and off to release from belt loop–
  • 100% Iron-Clad Guarantee

Our Upfitter® Suspenders hook packs contain 3 hooks: 1 standard HIKERS® hook for the rear strap and two standard Upfitter® hooks for the front attachments. These Black Metal hooks are ultra-thin, elegant, and will last a lifetime.

All hooks are compatible with Upfitter® Suspenders, sold separately.

The HIKERS® Rear Trick Hook

This ingenious design locks around your belt loop with a simple tilt on and off, and the hook's fine-tuned size post secures the rear strap in your selected size position. Keep in mind, HIKERS® are designed to be under slight tension at all times, keeping your rear strap secure until you reach back and ease the tension off the hook.

* These interchangeable hooks are compatible with the adjustable HIKERS® strap. *

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Steven R. Service

I've been wearing these several days and love the Upfitters! I knew as soon as I put them on they were absolutely perfect!!! If you hate those old fashioned buckle snaps that constantly pop off or scratch up wooden chair backs, or if you are constantly adjusting the straps, then listen carefully. The Upfitter is calling your name. I know, they cost a little more, and I realize that I'm going to have to sell Wilber my famous bird dog to get another few pairs. But let's face it, a guy has to do what a guy has to do! You won't regret fasting from craft beer for a month or two to do some shopping here :-) Get it done now and let them know Steve sent you!

Richard Gibson
Upfitter suspenders

I love the up fitters! I usually wear them under a suit jacket but depending on the colors they also look Good without the jacket. My only regret is that I didn't try them sooner . I am retired now but they would be great for construction work!

Joe Zaccone

Well now when you guys first came out with the button model I thought it was great however the two hooks in front model are much more comfortable I think they are excellent

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